R E T U R N  ON  S T R A T E G Y


This is what the endorses said having read the full manuscript:

"This is a great book - a must for senior executives who are having main responsibility for strategy, but also for professors and students who deal with the field of strategy at an area of academia. The key is that good strategies call for investments, and an adequate return must be both called for and be measurable. This book is pragmatic and insightful - a clear break from much of the more esoteric writings and concepts of strategy. This book is a must to read!”
Peter Lorange, Dr., Dr. h.c. (mult), President, Zurich Graduate School of Business Administration GSBA

“The strategy of a company should always be challenged and especially in turbulent times when economy and markets change. Return on Strategy contributes with a new approach which uses advanced maps and models. The book is based on a broad variety of examples and sets a new standard for how strategy should be thought and executed. I believe there will be a great interest for the book and its toolbox also when it comes to fast growing companies in Asia.”
Dr.Chen Qiwei, Chairman, ABC Capital, Shanghai, Prof., Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“The authors have taken a refreshing departure from the oversimplified dominant Anglo-American views of business strategy. Anchored in solid conceptual understanding and a global perspective, the book benefits from deep, practical insights into strategy formation. It is the best strategy book in recent years!”
Per V. Jenster, Professor of Strategic Management, Center for International Management & Industrial Development, China Europe International Business School

“The authors have used numerous global case studies to very effectively provide real world examples in the book. Return on Strategy explains how to use strategic thought process to the utmost. It will be interesting, rewarding and necessary for American readers to look into the unprecedented amount of knowledge gained also from European and Asian companies in order not to falter and achieve a Return on Strategy below average. The book provides a refreshing view on strategy.”
John Hoffman, CEO, GSMC Limited