R E T U R N  ON  S T R A T E G Y

The Jacket Presentation

Why is it that many companies meticulously following recipes on management and strategy fail? Did Google, Skype, Ryanair, Huawei and other successful companies buy into a wellplanned strategy and adhered to that over time? Why is it that some companies achieve a higher Return on Strategy™(RoS) than others?

Return on Investment (RoI) has attracted increased attention over the last couple of decades, but little attention is paid to whether companies achieve Return on Strategy™.

This book provides an overview of contemporary strategy literature and recipes brushed up with a view to identifying explanations as to how they have seldom worked as intended. One reason rests on the fact that recipes do not take the "X-factor" into account.

With the X-factor as the starting point the book examines a sample of 50 global companies, some of which have achieved a remarkable high Return on Strategy™ while others failed.

The book also provides practical tools as to how companies may increase their Return on Strategy™. In the toolbox, you will find a framework on how to increase the Return on Strategy™ and a number of dynamic positioning tools, road maps and bearing points. Invariably, more companies - including consultants, business leaders and MBAs - now work diligently in order to increase their Return on Strategy™ and the best of them are here to stay successfully – are you?