R E T U R N  ON  S T R A T E G Y

What is ROS?

Far too many companies achieve a low Return on Strategy™ or no return at all. Existing literature on strategy focuses much on making up a recipe telling exactly what to do in order to obtain success. However, many companies fail or move into underperformance at some stage. Moreover, even companies that have adopted a seemingly “right” strategy may fail when the (“right”) strategy is to be executed.

We now offer several things in order to help companies achieve a reasonable Return on Strategy™. However, for far too many companies, the following applies:

“Arguably, for most companies a prerequisite for achieving Return on Strategy is a return to strategy”

In the successful part of the Case Companies you will find companies who belong to the X-factor universe and has deliberately seen their strategic development as a journey in order to reach this destination. The X-factor universe contrasts with the recipe universe, i.e. companies strictly adhering to one of the recipes, typically comprising a few quick fix parameters.

However, there is no such a thing as a quick fix or a free lunch, if you really strive to achieve a high Return on Strategy™ and outperform your competitors.